Can Regionalism Impact the World?

As I read “All Over the Map”, all I could think about was a regional newsmagazine show called “Chronicle” that is about New England culture, lifestyle, and heritage. It documents aspects of life all over New England, especially small towns with a distinct New England character. It affects viewers like me by making me feel like I really have a different identity than people from other places. It fits the exact description of a regional program that promotes preservation of a historic heritage.

My question, however, is what effect could the desire to preserve a heritage have on politics and governmental actions? So much of the New England heritage is based on the land and the geographic landscape of the region, especially fall folliage, mountains in the north, coastal beaches, and the maple trees. Could the pride people of a region have for their place, like New Englanders, have a significant impact on environmental policies? If people are to assume that climate change is real, then the relationship between the land and the people will be forever changed. Could regional pride lead to political action to reverse a global problem, and how could this impact the planet if all regions become involved?

Peter CampoBasso

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