Assignment #2 Research

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My assigned street is Marshall St. I found an advertisement from the Richmond Daily Dispatch published on July 15th, 1861. It is co-written by doctors, one of which has an office on Marshall St. The ad describes the prices for whites and slaves (the prices for slaves are lower). The advertisement strikes me because it is interesting to think that in July of 1861, the hospital had to advertise for patients; in a very short amount of time they would have many more than they can deal with. Browsing the articles featuring Marshall St., I found that the street is largely residential; I saw many death notices and bit of information describing people by mentioning their address on Marshall St. There were slaves who served in the houses on Marshall; I found a number of runaway notices. The street also housed a few doctor’s offices and a masonic hall. I was surprised to find that Marshall St. was important for the military; militia organized there, and a recruiting office opened in 1862. All in all, Marshall St. was important for a number of different reasons during the Civil War, and I look forward to further exploring its purpose in wartime Richmond.

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