Preliminary Research- Broad Street

I’ve noticed that Broad Street seems to be the center for many businesses.  Most of the mentions of the street in the Daily Dispatch have to do with the buying and selling of goods.  Many of the notices also have to do with renting rooms out to “gentlemen.”  After the war started, it seems that some manufacturers switched to start making equipment that could be used in the war to be sold on Broad Street.  I also noticed that people were very persistent in reacquiring lost and runaway slaves.  There was one reward notice that was in the Dispatch numerous times.  The notices cost money, which shows that it was important to them to have their slaves returned.  Because Broad Street had streetcars and located a railway, it was always busy and was arguably the center of Richmond.  Because it was the center of commerce and in a way the social center of Richmond, it was a good place for parades, in particular, a place where the military would hold parades and demonstrations.  Broad Street also served as a place for meetings.  After the war started, boundaries were made defining which persons would be in a certain company, and these companies were often told to report to some place on Broad Street for further instruction and drills.  Broad Street seems to have been a center for much in Richmond, and I am eager to learn more about its history.

179threg’t Va. Militia.

–attention! Company no. 1–Assemble, this Evening, at 4 o’clock, in front of the first Baptist Church, on Broad street , for instruction. The bounds of this Company are as follows:

First Company.–Commencing at the corner of 10th and Broad streets , thence along the West side of 10th street to Shockoe Creek, thence along the Creek to Broad, street, North side of Broad to the beginning.

By order ofCol. J. H. Richardson.
Geo. A. Nolting, Captain.

printrunap 20–1t*

Tabitha Yewer


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