Preliminary Research: Canal St

Through my research, one building keeps popping up.  It goes for rent, for sale, and is sometimes offered as either.  I’m curious to find out why this property was so hard to sell, and changed hands so many times.  It seems to have a reasonable location and be of adequate size for the time, however, for some reason cannot hold occupants.  Another thing that interests me is that it is always referred to as a “Desirable Brick Dwelling”.  This appears to be a constant in listings of the house and I wonder why another strategy was not taken.

-Martin King

Feb 11, 1861
For Rent.

–The very desirable Brick Dwelling corner of 6th and Canal streets, the recent residence of the late Barnett Wicker, Esq. It contains nine rooms, and is conveniently arranged for a large family. It has also a handsome flower and vegetable garden attached. Apply to Redwood & Keach.

fe 9–ts Basement Metropolitan Hall.

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