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Valentine Photo Archives, The Corner of Fifteenth and Franklin

The building of the I-95 Turnpike, 1957. By John C. McAuliff In 1957, this photo was taken of the beginnings of construction for the I-95 overpass across Franklin and Fifteenth Street, according to the Valentine Richmond History Center. Without knowing … Continue reading

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Mid-Century Broad Street

  It turns out that mid-century Broad Street is much like Broad Street in any other time.  Broad Street was the center for commercialism in Richmond and continues to be today.  Much construction took place on Broad Street around the … Continue reading

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Leigh Street in Pictures

Perry L. (urpl4ut) 3/26/2011 These images suggest Leigh Street served its citizens both as a gathering space and a place of economic promise in the middle of the twentieth century.  The image of people standing outside of Ebenezer Baptist Church … Continue reading

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