This blog will support Mapping American History, a First-Year Seminar taught by Edward L. Ayers and Scott Nesbit at the University of Richmond in the spring semester, 2011.  We have posted a number of resources on the main course page.

A number of individuals at the University of Richmond and beyond have helped to make this course what it is.  We would like to thank Nathan Altice at the Digital Scholarship Lab (UR) for help with web design.  Kenneth Warren at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (UR) aided with blogging logistics.  Jim Gwin, Head of Collections Development at Boatwright Library (UR) is leading our students in a robust session of  Terry Dolson and the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (UR) have given support to our engagement with the city through the Community Based Learning Faculty Fellows program.  Author and historic preservation planner T. Thomas Potterfield has generously given time to guide us on a tour of the city of Richmond.  And the Valentine Richmond History Center, our community partner, has kindly granted permission to our class to research in their archive and post images found there in order to experiment with technology facilitating place-based learning.

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