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The Interplay of Race and Development

Lily Hazelton Franklin Street has generally been a place of commerce. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries many things changed, but the main use of Franklin Street remained as a place of business. The businesses on the street changed; they … Continue reading

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Developmental Destruction

In July of 1966 an article reading “Lee House Preservation is Sought”[1] appeared in the Richmond Daily Dispatch. The Stonewall Jackson Memorial organization was hoping to preserve General Robert E. Lee’s Richmond residence, along with the surrounding areas.  A plan … Continue reading

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Renovating Franklin Street

In 1961 workers were laboring tirelessly to demolish the All Saints Episcopal Church, along with many other buildings on West Franklin Street to make room for a new high-rise apartment building and other developments.  The church had been established in … Continue reading

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Threefold Versatility

Lily Hazelton Towards the center of downtown Richmond, running by the capital building, and eventually emptying into Monument Avenue, is Franklin Street. Franklin Street is perhaps best known as one of the streets involved in the 1863 bread riot, or … Continue reading

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Slavery on Franklin Street

When looking through the Daily Dispatch, you’ll see a lot of ads referencing Franklin street. A majority of them have to do with slavery. It’s quite interesting the way the purposes and tones of the ads progress from 1860 to … Continue reading

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Where does identity come from?

I found the introduction to All Over the Map: Rethinking American Regions, very interesting, and a few discussion type questions came to mind.  Then the reading from the Shaping of America made me wonder how these questions applied to Virginia today. … Continue reading

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Is Libby Hill Park in Danger?

In bustling urban settings, parks can be windows into the past. In some cities there are historic parks that have been preserved since the founding of the city, in others, parks are created in an attempt to reclaim some of … Continue reading

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