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Protests through Public Space

Khanh (Miki) Doan Throughout the twentieth century, Richmonders turned public spaces into an expression of their political views and concerns. Capitol Square, the symbol of the Virginia government and legislation, witnessed many protests taking place on Bank Street, ranging from … Continue reading

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White Supremacy and the Story of African American Barbers on the Verge of the Twentieth Century

Khanh (Miki) Doan The fire insurance Sanborn maps and the city directories illustrated Bank Street from 1865 to 1920 with two major changes: the expansion of the government and the emergence of one particular African American business, the barber service. … Continue reading

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The Connection between the Home Front and the Battlefront

Khanh (Miki) Doan Although Thomas Jefferson moved Virginia‚Äôs capital to Bank Street in 1792, this street was not a hub for the government agencies until the Civil War. The Confederacy established more than twelve offices of war on 0.3-mile Bank … Continue reading

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