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Leigh Street: The Battle After the War

Perry L. (urpl4ut) Assignment #3 3/21/11 In the years that followed the Civil War, the devastated South struggled to regain its strength and reassert itself as a part of the new United States.  In this struggle, southern cities found new … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Space on Leigh Street: Progression vs. Preservation

Perry L. (urpl4ut) Assignment #4 4/18/11 Desires for more space both characterize and plague the history of the United States, and in its first 200 years, the country’s dealings with space quickly became racialized.  Southern cities like Richmond contained particularly … Continue reading

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Leigh Street in Pictures

Perry L. (urpl4ut) 3/26/2011 These images suggest Leigh Street served its citizens both as a gathering space and a place of economic promise in the middle of the twentieth century.  The image of people standing outside of Ebenezer Baptist Church … Continue reading

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Leigh Street: An Area in Crisis

Perry L. (pl4ut) Assignment #2 2/21/11 Leigh Street: An Area in Crisis In times of war, those closest to the battlefields feel a myriad of emotions.  First and foremost among those emotions is fear.  In the American Civil War, people … Continue reading

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Leigh Street Preliminary Research: A Street of Diverse Uses and Cultures

Perry L. Leigh Street, spanning a large distance through multiple Richmond neighborhoods, served as the site of a variety of functions for city residents.  A large number of articles in the Daily Dispatch concern two establishments: The Union Wood Yard, … Continue reading

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Past vs. Future?

Perry L., Week 4 Question: In All Over the Map, a prominent theme is the movement to preserve history, namely regional history, in America.  Ayers and Onuf say “Regions may be in danger not only from malls and cable television but also … Continue reading

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An Exploration of Clay Street

Perry Lowder 1/23/11 Assignment #1: An Investigation of Clay Street The class tour of Richmond allowed us to experience the city and view it with our own eyes, providing the foundation for our research during the rest of the semester.  … Continue reading

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