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Clay Street Opposition and Transition

Shaye Ellis Final: The contractor waited for approval to begin construction on the new Mechanics’ Savings Bank. He held the completed plans of the structure designed for the northwest corner of 3rd and Clay Streets in his hands. Across town, … Continue reading

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Medical Monopoly: Twentieth Century Expansion of MCV

Shaye Ellis Final: In the mid-twentieth century, business and industry in Richmond experienced substantial growth and the city plan became more organized. Businesses with similar purposes clustered together as the layout of the city moved away from isolated and self-sufficient … Continue reading

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Clay Street: Hymns and Hospitals

Shaye Ellis Final: Richmond’s position as a dividing line between the North and the South significantly influenced the culture and population of the city. The city’s industry reflected Northern counterparts, while its social interactions and values were quintessentially Southern. Religious … Continue reading

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