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The Diversity of Broad Street

Many defining changes took place in Richmond in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  With emancipation came a transformation of the south, especially within the city of Richmond, as it had once been the capitol of the Confederacy.  After … Continue reading

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The Progress of Broad Street

Broad Street is arguably the heart of Richmond’s dynamic history.  It is home to numerous theaters, museums, and retail stores, and has been since it was constructed in early Richmond times.  The street is now 15 miles long, but was … Continue reading

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Mid-Century Broad Street

  It turns out that mid-century Broad Street is much like Broad Street in any other time.  Broad Street was the center for commercialism in Richmond and continues to be today.  Much construction took place on Broad Street around the … Continue reading

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The Powhatan House Hotel, Broad Street

By Tabitha Yewer Since Broad Street’s creation, it has been a revered center of shops and commerce. With close proximity to the Second Street market and the many churches located on the street, not only frequented on Sundays, but during … Continue reading

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Preliminary Research- Broad Street

I’ve noticed that Broad Street seems to be the center for many businesses.  Most of the mentions of the street in the Daily Dispatch have to do with the buying and selling of goods.  Many of the notices also have … Continue reading

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Question for Week 4

As I was reading the Introduction to “All Over the Map” I wondered about what defines a region and how a region becomes to be known as a certain type of place.  Is it the geography that defines a region … Continue reading

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Hollywood Cemetery- Tabitha Yewer

Touring Richmond gave me great insight into the city’s history and character.  I was able to better understand the nature of the city of Richmond from learning about each place we drove by and stopped.   Tyler Potterfield was able to … Continue reading

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