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Race and Economics in 20th Century Jackson Ward

The average American’s knowledge of the economic structure of the American South over time comes to a halt around five years after the Civil War, when the dissolution of the Confederate dollar made the pockets of thousands of people weightless.  … Continue reading

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Second Street in the Twentieth Century

Scanning the pictures stored of Second Street aludes far more to the Second Street I know today rather than the bustling residential and business area I had read of existing only ninety years ago.  As black businesses began to fail … Continue reading

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Sex and the City of Richmond: Prostitution on Second Street

Jackson Ward in the twenty-first century is not a place whose history seems significant. As it stands now, small brick homes line the streets of this small Richmond neighborhood, and only a few insignificant shops make their livelihoods here.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Preliminary Research

Yazmeen Nunez A brief inspection of articles from the Richmond Daily Dispatch archives reveal a facet of Second Street far removed from the “Two Street” recognized today: it was largely residential. The bulk of the fifty-one clippings yielded from my … Continue reading

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Week Four Question – Yazmeen

The Introduction to All Over the Map considers a multitude of reasons for the divergence of American places into regions by the people within and outside of them. Ayers and Onuf make an interesting observation when they mention at the … Continue reading

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Fertile Land: The Story of Short Pump

Fertile Lands: The Story of Short Pump Yazmeen Nunez Three Chopt Road is a street devoted to the consumer. Between two great hubs of contemporary commercial traffic in the city of Richmond and neighboring counties, Three Chopt will lead whoever … Continue reading

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