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The Privileges We Abused.

From the window of the bus I felt like a spectator in a foreign land. The uniform brick buildings and rigid partitioning of the streets reminded me of a jail. Each public housing unit was a jail cell and seemed … Continue reading

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Fertile Land: The Story of Short Pump

Fertile Lands: The Story of Short Pump Yazmeen Nunez Three Chopt Road is a street devoted to the consumer. Between two great hubs of contemporary commercial traffic in the city of Richmond and neighboring counties, Three Chopt will lead whoever … Continue reading

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Capitol Square: A Display of Power

During our tour of Richmond, I was particularly impressed by Capitol Square.  The area is impressive, and fitting for a governmental building.  When I looked up the hill at the capitol building, the green grass that surrounds it, and the … Continue reading

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Richmond’s Centrepiece: The James River

After experiencing a fascinating tour through Richmond with our guide and author Tyler Potterfield, one could quickly realize that the James River was the heart of everything about the historical city of Richmond. It is the centrepiece of Richmond – … Continue reading

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Holly-wood, a different kind of Immortality

Holly-Wood, a different kind of Immortality By John McAuliff At first glance, the city of Richmond appears to me as I described it to Dr. Ayers and Prof. Nesbit after the trip: blurry. My understanding of Richmond after not one … Continue reading

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Is Libby Hill Park in Danger?

In bustling urban settings, parks can be windows into the past. In some cities there are historic parks that have been preserved since the founding of the city, in others, parks are created in an attempt to reclaim some of … Continue reading

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Small Scale Westward Expansion

Tyler Potterfield’s tour of Richmond was informative about the history of the city, while at the same time it created a lot of questions. In general, he did a great job of explaining how and when events occurred, but left … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of the James River

Martin King 1/23/11 Mapping American History A Glimpse of the James River The most significant memory I took from our tour of Richmond was the view of the James River from Libby Hill.  This view, which resembles a view of … Continue reading

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Hollywood Cemetery- Tabitha Yewer

Touring Richmond gave me great insight into the city’s history and character.  I was able to better understand the nature of the city of Richmond from learning about each place we drove by and stopped.   Tyler Potterfield was able to … Continue reading

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An Exploration of Clay Street

Perry Lowder 1/23/11 Assignment #1: An Investigation of Clay Street The class tour of Richmond allowed us to experience the city and view it with our own eyes, providing the foundation for our research during the rest of the semester.  … Continue reading

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