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The Struggle for Space on Leigh Street: Progression vs. Preservation

Perry L. (urpl4ut) Assignment #4 4/18/11 Desires for more space both characterize and plague the history of the United States, and in its first 200 years, the country’s dealings with space quickly became racialized.  Southern cities like Richmond contained particularly … Continue reading

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The Progress of Broad Street

Broad Street is arguably the heart of Richmond’s dynamic history.  It is home to numerous theaters, museums, and retail stores, and has been since it was constructed in early Richmond times.  The street is now 15 miles long, but was … Continue reading

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Developmental Destruction

In July of 1966 an article reading “Lee House Preservation is Sought”[1] appeared in the Richmond Daily Dispatch. The Stonewall Jackson Memorial organization was hoping to preserve General Robert E. Lee’s Richmond residence, along with the surrounding areas.  A plan … Continue reading

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Canal Street

Canal Street and many areas like it shared a sad story during this time.  What had once been a prosperous, lively area fell into poverty and disrepair.  While the area never fully forgot its goals, it did lose its zeal … Continue reading

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Second Street in the Twentieth Century

Scanning the pictures stored of Second Street aludes far more to the Second Street I know today rather than the bustling residential and business area I had read of existing only ninety years ago.  As black businesses began to fail … Continue reading

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Mid-Century Broad Street

  It turns out that mid-century Broad Street is much like Broad Street in any other time.  Broad Street was the center for commercialism in Richmond and continues to be today.  Much construction took place on Broad Street around the … Continue reading

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