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The New (South) Broad Street

Zac Brown With only three remaining tenants, modern day Broad Street in-between 5th and 6th streets has completed a physical transformation that began in the 1880’s. At the turn of the 19th century Broad Street meant business. Clients converged from … Continue reading

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Marshall Street: Richmond’s Home

Zack Francis Home is more than just a physical location; it gives identity to the people who inhabit the space.  People live in a community is because it provides a sense of belonging which can only be attained through a … Continue reading

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White Supremacy and the Story of African American Barbers on the Verge of the Twentieth Century

Khanh (Miki) Doan The fire insurance Sanborn maps and the city directories illustrated Bank Street from 1865 to 1920 with two major changes: the expansion of the government and the emergence of one particular African American business, the barber service. … Continue reading

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7th Street in the Civil War

7thStreet in the Civil War               During the Civil War, Seventh Street certainly came to play an integral role in the city of Richmond. This street, occupied mostly by residential places and factory space, the majority of the factory … Continue reading

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7th Streets Remains Integrated

Such was the lack of infrastructural modification in Richmond from 1895 to 1908, if one were to walk through the Richmond as we know it today – specifically along Seventh Street – you’d without doubt be able to relate it … Continue reading

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7th Street in the Twentieth Century

Seventh Street was subjected to quite a bit of change through the middle part of the twentieth century. Lying so close to the River James, and actually extending onto it – connecting the mainland and the once so important Brown’s … Continue reading

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Economic and Racial Transformations 1885-1923

Cristina Meehan First Year Seminar Second Essay- West Duval Street: Economic and Racial Transformations 1885-1923 March 23rd 2011 At the end of the Civil War, Richmond, Virginia, is a blank canvas. Richmond’s social hierarchy is shattered by the abolition of slavery and … Continue reading

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