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The Hidden Change on Canal Street

Martin King The advent of the twentieth century brought change to the streets of Richmond and a renewed livelihood to the city after its destruction in the Civil War.  New technologies and business practices had changed the way the city … Continue reading

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The Change of Command for Canal Street

By Martin King The city of Richmond experienced a change in the traditional use of the spaces around Canal Street in the mid twentieth century as needs for central locations developed, and space became increasingly valued and filled.  These changes … Continue reading

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Canal Street

Canal Street and many areas like it shared a sad story during this time.  What had once been a prosperous, lively area fell into poverty and disrepair.  While the area never fully forgot its goals, it did lose its zeal … Continue reading

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The Kanawha Canal: Lifeline of the South

Martin King Canal Street in downtown Richmond currently stands in a shadow of its former glory as the lifeline of the industrial South with the eternal rumbling of traffic polluting its atmosphere.  The street no longer guides the edge of … Continue reading

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Preliminary Research: Canal St

Through my research, one building keeps popping up.  It goes for rent, for sale, and is sometimes offered as either.  I’m curious to find out why this property was so hard to sell, and changed hands so many times.  It … Continue reading

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Week 4 Question

After finishing this week’s reading, my question is how does a “region” come to be defined as such, specifically those within the early American settlements?  Granted, each section was founded or lead by different individuals and is composed slightly differently, … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of the James River

Martin King 1/23/11 Mapping American History A Glimpse of the James River The most significant memory I took from our tour of Richmond was the view of the James River from Libby Hill.  This view, which resembles a view of … Continue reading

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